The Dog House
MIAMI Katie Spafford

KATIE SPAFFORD Collage, Doodlings & Screenprints

'I have always been interested in collaging as a medium. As a frequent visitor of Berlin, I found myself particularly inspired by the work of Tim Roeloffs – a Berlin based Dutch artist - and began making my own collages in 2012. Doodling allows me to concentrate and process and subsequently it's a constant in my life. Organically, doodles became part of my collages. Recently, I have expanded into screen printing and using digital methods.

I use magazines, newspapers, flyers and whatever else I can lay my hands on. I follow delicate traditional methods by selecting, complex layering and sticking. Due to this process, most of my pieces have been created in one sitting.

My collages depict scenes and places I would like to be in or part of, as well as representing styles/eras/imagery that I am particular inspired by.'