The Dog House
work in progress ~ Anne French

ANNE FRENCH contemporary decoupage

'The common theme of my work is upcycling. I have worked in many media over the years - cloth, papier mache, glass amongst others, but something about decoupage, (and in spite of, or possibly because of, it's rather prim, genteel reputation), and its extraordinary versatility, fascinates me.

Charity shop furniture, or pieces found abandoned in the street, are covered in scenes from comics and graphic novels (discarded by my son) and made to shine with layers of varnish. 

My latest work has been to cut hundreds and thousands of leaves from recycled card, substituting the delicate fragments of mother of pearl, or bone, used in inlay furniture, and intertwining them with string . The base for these pieces can be porcelain, wood, shellac records or sometimes much maligned plastic.'

Anne's work has been exhibited at:

2008 – 2014 Brighton Artist’s Open Houses

2010 The Octopus Gallery, York Place, Brighton 2010

2010 Comic chair selected for the HOUSE OPEN EXHIBITION

Regency House, Brunswick Square during the Brighton Festival

2011 ArtEscape Gallery, Kemp Town, Brighton 2011

2012 Brighton Museum Shop

2012 Hove Museum Shop

2013 Lover’s Lights Gallery, Twickenham, London

2014 Shaboutique, London Road Market, Brighton


One of her comic chairs has been selected for the

December 2014  issue of  British VOGUE